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Don't Miss Our Event: Tips for Buying Your First House in the Uber-Competitive Market of South B

Most Americans would not believe the rents we are so quick to fork over to live by the water here in Manhattan Beach and surrounding towns. Coming out of college, it first seems unfathomable to afford a $6,000 per month rental, but over the years of a good career, we slowly become unfazed by paying vast sums to upgrade our quality of life. Before you know it, many of us in our 40's are still not homeowners and feel priced out of the market, while our friends that invested years ago in a home further from the water are now in their 2nd or 3rd home as they have built equity wisely and have been able to purchase the homes we have been waiting to afford.

If you can relate to this story, whether you are in the early stages of renting or bursting at the seams in a tiny, adorable, oceanside cottage, this event is for you!

THURSDAY , 9/27 - 4.30 to 6.30pm, Redondo Beach, CA

Sign Up Today! to RSVP... babes are welcome, just let us know so we have enough babysitters!

Invite to First Time Home Buyer Tips Event

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