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King Harbor Yacht Club

With the enormity of options for recreation in the Beach Cities, I have never spent much time in King Harbor. I wanted to learn about what options exist for sailing, so I went with a girlfriend and got a tour of King Harbor Yacht Club.

I was immediately brought back in time to my youth growing up in the sailing town of Marblehead, Massachusetts, entering the Clubhouse's durably nautical interior, complete with brass lanterns, plastic deck chairs and stairwell lined with photos of Commodores. The vibe screams family fun. The staff is warm and inviting, and the kids are running around having a blast. There was a men's fleet having their weekly luncheon in the lower dining room.

King Harbor Yacht Club is the largest club in Redondo Beach, with 500 members and 150 non-resident members. They were originally named the Win’ard Yacht Club, formed in 1949 by a group of yachtsmen who felt a need for a meeting place for local boaters. Thursday nights are the Club's 'race night'. They are sponsors of the Christmas Boat parade and have front row seats to the 4th of July fireworks. In the spirit of creating a familial and lively environment, members can bring up to 6 guests at a time.

Initiation [$1,500] and dues [$152/mo.] are much lower than I would've expected. They serve a limited food menu at limited times of day, but their expansive lounge and bar overlooking the marina have a fully stocked bar I happened to notice.

They are actively recruiting new members and have a lovely woman, Laura Priest, in charge of membership. Visit their well done website to read about their fascinating 70 year history, learn about their many fleets and schedule a tour to see the Club.

*please verify all information independently

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