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4 Ikea Accent Pieces That Will Make Your Home More Fun

Whether you’re moving into your first apartment or preparing to sell your home, Ikea is a favorite for those trying to economically style their interior. While Ikea may have an overwhelming amount of options, there are a lot of simple pieces that can immediately update a space and add a designer look that will take no time at all.

Cue The Cocktails

The popularity of the bar cart has seen a resurgence, but many of these decorative pieces can be quite pricey. Instead of shelling out of for an overpriced piece just to be on-trend, purchase the SUNNERSTA utility cart from Ikea for less than $30 dollars and spray paint it in the color of your choice. While this will serve as a basic bar cart, it will easily look the part with some glasses, liquor bottles and an ice bucket.

Bring On The Board Games

With its four square legs and square shape, the LACK side table is one of the plainest items in IKEA, but this ridiculously inexpensive table – a mere $8 -- can be fixed up as part of a fun activity with your kids. Pick up some paint and – using stencils – paint the family’s favorite board game right onto its surface. Whether it happens to be backgammon, chess or Monopoly, this will add a lot of personality to the family room. Want a modern and stylish coffee table to store board games underneath that looks like it costs ten times its’ price? Consider the swanky look of VEJMON coffee table for a reasonable $129.

Make Your Walls Talk

A pair of EKBY ALEX shelves are relatively simple shelving units that attach to the wall for extra storage space or to create architectural interest, for about $50 each. Consider using it in your living room styled with some interesting books, a small sculpture and succulents or ferns. Add it to a utility room for creative projects – mason jars filled with party supplies would look darling and the arm supports are the perfect place to store rolls of wrapping paper. Or take advantage of the additional storage over a desk [pictured below]. While this serves as an understated piece, it can say a lot more about your room than the average bookshelf.

Many people head to IKEA for the economical furniture options, but it’s also a great place for coming up with your own home DIY projects that are sure to create a unique look. If you’re planning on purchasing a home or selling, and are looking for interesting furniture to fill it with, contact Liz for suggestions.

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